Floating Marketeer

Floating Market in Bangkok

Remember bumper cars?  Floating markets are kind of like that – too many people in too many boats, bouncing off each other in the water, chattering, and then looking for another boat to head for.   In these markets, the water churns with wooden canoe-like boats carrying vendors selling anything from food to clothing to art.  Continue reading “Floating Marketeer”

Travel Dreams

For over 25 years I have been selling travel….  or to be more specific, selling dreams.  For most people who travel for leisure, they are fulfilling some sort of dream.  It could be for relaxation, cultural immersion, amusement, spirituality, adventure, personal heritage, enjoying our planet’s natural beauty, value – and the list goes on.  A good travel-seller will always try and learn first what is the motivation behind the journey for the traveler.  Continue reading “Travel Dreams”

Mr Lion

No, he’s not smiling, and we’re not on a Disney tram ride.

Our safari guide in South Africa was very quietly talking to us as he looped our open jeep off the road and turned off the engine.  Calmly he said, “I have a treat for you.  Look to your left.”   Wait for it —  mamma mia!  —  as we now saw the three napping lionesses, their relaxed bodies blending into the dirt.  Continue reading “Mr Lion”

Copper Canyon Mom

I hadn’t run into anyone else walking the trail to the top of the canyon, so this young woman and I both gasped when we saw each other.  She was sitting on the very edge, overlooking a part of Mexico’s immense Copper Canyon, even larger than the Grand Canyon.  My camera was already raised to capture the vista when I saw her through the lens.  Continue reading “Copper Canyon Mom”

Hungary Dancers

So, a couple of out-of-towners wander into the church square…

No, TripAdvisor did not list this as one of the top things to do in Eger, Hungary.  But we wandered into this moment, and we watched.  For hours.  Really.  From 5-year-olds to teens, the dance ensembles kept appearing and climbing onto a make-shift stage, and we soon felt as nervous and proud as their families.  Continue reading “Hungary Dancers”