Danish Beauty

Awkward in Denmark

Remember being in that awkward stage when all the cool kids looked beautiful and confident, and you had teeth missing, crooked glasses and a band-aid on your forehead?  That’s how it is being in Denmark – when you’re not Danish.  You feel like you’ve stumbled into a massive photo shoot and you expect someone to gasp and shoo you out of the way.

Not meaning to stereotype, but really — the Danes are beautiful people:  young and old.  Besides that, they are unfailingly polite and they move with the confidence and grace of nobility.    At stoplights, Danes assemble in organized lines and then flow across the street like ballet companies.  As commuter cyclists, they sit formally upright and actually signal for every turn they make.  I haven’t seen that since my buddies and I trained for a 5th grade bike license.

Maybe if every American kid could go to a summer camp in Denmark, they’d absorb that Danish cool and sail right through the awkward years.  I sure could have used it.