No long TSA lines at this airport!

That’s the good news.
The OMG news is that the runway/driveway is squeezed between the jungle edge and the ocean, leaving little margin of error at either end. We landed with the front wheel near the lapping waves, thankful that the brakes worked. If you’re looking for an adventurous step off the grid, this is where you must land in Panama to then take a wooden motorboat to one of the San Blas Islands.
Our funniest moment: to board the small plane, each of the four of us had to hold our luggage and step onto a huge scale, one at a time. The pilot watched the needle arc and land on a big number and then called out our weight to the group, followed by enthusiastic oohing and aahing from a couple local boys jammed into the space for what was evidently the day’s entertainment. Maybe this was less dramatic than a “Big Loser” reveal moment, but we giggled and blushed for our adoring audience of two.